Bijoy Bangla Software

Today I’ll discuss Mr. Mostafa Jabbar’s Bijoy Bangla Software and it is new edition. Typing Bengali would be difficulties for me after i would be a university student. For the reason that time there is no software readily available for typing Bengali. Again many Bangladeshi people living all over the world were facing this same issue for a lot of days. Various kinds of software are developed every day by different software developing company that is absolute evidence of technological development of modern time. For the reason that time Bangladesh was fallen behind in technology, though I personally and also the student in our country were devoted or more-to-date also. In the meantime, I had been students of Mister Mostafa Jabbar’s famous Ananda Multimedia institution with his cordial help I much useful stuff here about Computer and it is programs.

For me, Ananda Multimedia is among the top institutions in Bangladesh for learning computer practically. Ideas were brought to Microsoft ‘office’, Graphics design, interior planning, Exterior design and three dimensional animations and that I was student. Throughout my learning Microsoft ‘office’ and graphics design, Bijoy Software was created and created by our respected teacher Mr. Mostafa Jabbar. For the reason that time i was incompetent at typing Bengali in computer. Mr. Jabbar elevated a amazing event in home and abroad by presenting this new software.

Within my understanding, it’s not all country remembers its very own mother language day. In 1952 some brave hearts fought against for the presence of our very own Bengali nationalism. Sir Mostafa Jabbar developed Bijoy Bangla Software which assisted people from around the globe to understand that there’s a language named Bangla with a great history behind, and nowadays people got inspired and interested to celebrate a Worldwide Mother Language Day. Bijoy Bayanno Software was another up-to-date form of Bengali software that was produced by Mostafa Jabbar Mister within the memory from the language movement of 1952. This type of software programs is very useful not just for all of us Bengali’s but in addition for individuals who resided all across the globe for typing Bangla.

Bijoy bangla software - Bijoy Bayanno software

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